4Talk 1.42

Turn your Pocket PC into a fun, two-way walkie talkie

4Talk is the easy way to turn your Pocket PC into a two way communication device suitable for short range transmissions. Pair two or more Pocket PC's to create a mini walkie talkie network, or use it in conjunction with your PC to create a continuous surveillance or baby monitoring device. 4Talk can be used on any local area network using direct cable, Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth, although the later is obviously very short range. As long as your network is configured and your device has an IP address you can use 4Talk.

Features of 4Talk include:

  • Get both PC and PPC versions
  • 16 independent channels
  • Emergency channel
  • Microphone Lock Facility
  • Instantly see who?s online and what channel
  • Full Duplex Mode (for headsets)
  • Custom Key Configuration
  • Variable Sound Quality
  • Morse / Beep button
  • Signal Strength Meter



4Talk 1.42

User reviews about 4Talk

  • Donaab

    by Donaab

    "OS and 4Talk"

    Is there some way I can use 4Talk on smarthphones with Android or Symbian OS? If isn't ...I hope you will soon dev...   More.